By Stacey Leasca
June 14, 2017
Null Stern Hotel
Credit: Claudio Baeggli

If you’re ready for a totally unique and completely daring travel adventure, this hotel in the Swiss Alps could be right for you.

The Null Stern, which translates to “zero stars” in German, eliminates all the bells and whistles associated with luxury travel to bring you closer to nature than you could ever imagine.

And when we say it strips away all the amenities, we mean all of them, including a bathroom, a floor, a roof and even the walls. All that is left is a bed, fresh linens, two side tables and the sparkling stars above.

“The star is not the hotel but each guest,” Daniel Charbonnier, the hotel's co-founder, told Business Insider. “We got rid of all the walls, and the only thing left is you and your experience.”

Null Stern Hotel
Credit: Courtesy of Null Stern Hotel

On the project's website, the Null Stern's founders explain that there is no hotelier behind the rooms, but rather the “region is the hotelier” and that each room, or art installation as it's described, is operated by the local residents who can turn it into anything they want.

Null Stern Hotel
Credit: Courtesy of Null Stern Hotel

As Travel+Leisure previously reported, the hotel first launched in the mountains of Graubünden, with a simple bed 6,463 feet above sea level.

Though the hotel room is sparse you do still get to indulge in a few choice luxuries including having a butler deliver salami sandwiches and coffee in the morning. And according to Null Stern, this year hotel guests will even have access to a TV that provides just one channel with “news, a weather forecast or anecdotes and jokes from the region.”

And while there is no shower on site, there is a bathroom facility located about 100 meters from the bed.

Null Stern Hotel
Credit: Photo: Claudio Baeggli

The nightly rate is about $250, but be warned: Your trip could be canceled last minute due to inclement weather.