The jig is up.
Hotel Elevator
Credit: Paul Giamou/Getty Images

Elevators are strange places, mini pockets of alone time — sometimes surrounded by strangers, other times not — that pop up like little gifts from the building you've entered. And while there are plenty of things you shouldn't do in an elevator, the Premier Inn in Belfast has one more no-no to add to the list for guests staying during the World Irish Dance Championships: no dancing, please.

Let's set the scene: Imagine a hotel full of excited dancers, raring to go for their upcoming competition. The elevator is the perfect place to show off moves to strangers and practice transitions with teammates. But the in-elevator dancing has gotten so extreme, it's damaging the elevator mechanics, according to The Belfast Telegraph.

To help maintain the elevator's integrity (because an elevator that could possibly be a little off of its process is a terrifying thought), the hotel management posted a polite, yet intimidating, note for hotel guests:

If that doesn't stop any impromptu elevator jigs, I don't know what will. So, there you have it: add Irish step dancing to the long list of things to refrain from in those short elevator rides.