Peru’s mountainside “adventure suites” look perfectly vertigo-inducing.

Credit: Courtesy of Skylodge Suites

Vertically inclined travelers in Peru’s Sacred Valley now have the option of waking up 1,300 feet up a cliff face.

The Natura Vive adventure company has rigged pods they call the “Skylodge Adventure Suites” on the side of a mountain outside Cusco. Starting at $400, you can spend the night in a translucent plastic shell where not looking down isn’t really an option.

Credit: Courtesy of Skylodge Suites
Credit: Courtesy of Skylodge Suites

The journey there is no billy goat trail. Guests have the option of the Via Ferrata route (“Iron Way” in Italian), which involves crossing a hanging bridge suspended some 600 feet above the valley floor and climbing up a series of iron bars drilled into the rock face.

Alternatively, visitors can take what Natura Vive refers to as the “intrepid path toward the ziplines.”

Credit: Courtesy of Skylodge Suites
Credit: Courtesy of Skylodge Suites

The suites themselves look quite cozy. Two are for guests (the third is a service pod), which between them sleep eight. Each has a small dining area and an even smaller bathroom. The guardrail-free roof platform makes “getting some air” look like an iffy proposition, so it may be best to stick with the view from inside.

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