You may not be able to travel, but The Maybourne Beverly Hills will bring the vacation to you.


In early December, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti once again asked Angelenos to back down on their outings with a new “safer at home” order. This meant no more dining out, no more gatherings, and no more taking a staycation at our favorite hotels around the city. But just because we can’t go to the hotels doesn’t mean the hotels can’t come to us. 

The Maybourne Beverly Hills, the newest hotel from Maybourne Hotel Group, (the owners of London’s prestigious Claridge’s hotel, world's best bar the Connaught, and The Berkeley hotel), may have just opened its doors and quickly had to close its dining establishments again, but it’s already making a major splash with at least this hotel mini-bar lover with its new Maybourne’s Mobile Mixologist.

With the package there’s no hotel stay required. In fact, there’s no hotel required at all. Instead, those who feel like they need a little hotel-style pick-me-up can order Maybourne’s mixologist to come right to their door and hand deliver them a drink. 

As a lucky Angeleno, I tested the service out for myself (you know I’ll always volunteer as tribute for you, dear Travel + Leisure reader). 

This intimate outdoor experience began with a knock on my door from the Maybourne mixologist and bar manager, Steven Hernandez, along with beverage manager Oscar Chinchilla, who both came masked, gloved, and stood a solid six feet away.

Maybourne Hotel's cocktail delivery with personal bartender
Credit: Courtesy of The Maybourne Beverly Hills

Chinchilla popped a bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne and poured me and my companion a glass. As we drank, the Maybourne team set up their car bar experience, which could truly rival any in-person bar. We were then asked to come out, view the bar, and pick our cocktail choices from the menu. 

On the list, the hotel includes cocktails from the Maybourne Bar along with its sister properties in London, including the famous Connaught Martini from the Connaught bar, Claridge’s Flapper, the Maybourne Margarita, Classic Manhattan, and the Fumoir Negroni.  

From here, the mixologist sets up and begins curating your experience. Guests will receive one round of cocktails — shaken or stirred — at their doorstep followed by one round of bottled “to go” cocktails (two servings in one bottle), along with a selection of delicious bar snacks to complete the evening. Those feeling like they want a little something extra can also request add-ons like the hotel’s golden osetra caviar, imperial kaluga caviar, tuna tartare, or cheese and charcuterie.

Then, the team is on their way so you can enjoy your cocktails in peace. It’s the perfect way to spend a socially distant evening with a loved one, makes an excellent holiday gift for a partner or roommate, or just a special night for one because these are wild times we’re living in and you deserve somethig nice or a break from reality even for an hour. 

Maybourne’s Mobile Mixologist is available Wednesday to Sunday with three time slots per day: 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The mixologist can travel within a 10-mile radius of the Maybourne Beverly Hills. $150 per person, two-person minimum, six-person maximum. 

Stacey Leasca is a journalist, photographer, and media professor. Send tips and follow her on Instagram now.