How Marriott's New Cleaning Protocols Will Make Future Guests Feel at Ease (Video)

Meet the Global Cleanliness Council.

When travel restrictions brought on by the coronavirus eventually do lift, Marriott's new cleanliness initiative will help guests feel comfortable as soon as they arrive for a much-needed trip.

Helmed by a variety of experts, the hotel company's newly announced "Global Cleanliness Council" will aim to uphold new cleaning protocols at each of their locations. In addition to Marriott's senior leaders from roles like housekeeping and food safety, the council will include food safety scientists, infectious disease specialists and professors of food microbiology, according to a press release shared on Tuesday.

“We want our guests to understand what we are doing today and planning for in the near future in the areas of cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing so that when they walk through the doors of one of our hotels, they know our commitment to their health and safety is our priority,” President and CEO of Marriott International, Arne Sorenson, said. “It’s equally important to us that our associates know the changes we are making to help safeguard their health as they serve our guests.”

As part of the initiative, Marriott will also roll out new technology, including electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant, to clean rooms and public spaces. Ultraviolet light technology will also be used to sanitize keys and devices shared by guests and associates.

Upon check-in guests will notice a difference as the company is especially increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting routines around high-touch areas around the hotel.

Partitions at the front desk will help to maintain a safe distance between people and hand-sanitizing stations will be increased throughout hotels. Guests will also be able to check into and unlock their rooms with their phones, eliminating the need touching or exchanging keys. The furniture in public areas will also be strategically rearranged to ensure social-distancing measures between guests.

Marriott employee sanitizing hotel room
Courtesy of Marriott

Earlier this month, Marriott launched a program to provide free hotel rooms to first responders and medical workers in the U.S. cities most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.

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