If you eat, sleep, and breathe soccer, this is where to do it.

By Melissa Locker
August 05, 2015
Courtesy of Hotel Football

There’s only one place for true soccer fans traveling in England to stay: Manchester’s Hotel Football.

The new hotel is built next door to Old Trafford stadium, the home of Manchester United (a.k.a. the team that brought us David Beckham). But you don’t have to be a Man U fan to get a kick out of the hotel.

Set in the Quays, a bustling Manchester neighborhood, the 133-room establishment has been designed to appeal to soccer fans of every affiliation with soccer-related details that extend from the décor (a soccer-themed floor and wallpaper inspired by Man U’s logo) to the menu in the hotel’s Cafe Football (Early Kick-Off Pizza, anyone?). No detail is too small not to merit a soccer makeover, from the room numbers that are in the same font as football uniforms to the toiletries that come in packets designed to look like soccer kits.

Of course no establishment that tries to live up to the name Hotel Football would be complete without its own soccer field (or football pitch, in British parlance). Their field sits on the roof of the hotel and features a retractable roof, a fully stocked bar, and walls made of Plexiglass, which allow for expansive views of the stadium…or the city of Manchester, if you can tear your eyes away from the game.

Courtesy of Hotel Football

If your favorite team isn’t playing at Old Trafford, there are televisions in the basement sports bar, in the bedrooms, and in the café that will undoubtedly be showing any and every soccer match from around the world.

True soccer fans will want to sign up for the hotel’s “Match Day Experience,” which guarantees a spot at Hotel Football to watch the game. Though tickets to the stadium aren’t included, everything else is—from drinks to food to prizes. The hotel even offers activities to keep the kids entertained while you watch the game.

The hotel is owned by Man U managers Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs along with their former Man U teammates Gary and Phil Neville and Paul Scholes. Their experiences traveling the world to play soccer—and staying in hundreds of hotels—inspired them to come back to Manchester and open the hotel of their dreams.