These winter enthusiasts are proving that you don’t need to visit a cold climate to hang out in an igloo.

By Cailey Rizzo
February 09, 2017
Shivam Aher/Keylinga Himalayan Adventures - Manali

Manali Igloo Stay is a complex of two igloos in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh province, a few miles from Manali, that opened last month and is already selling out.

Its owners are two “local youths” who wanted to take advantage of this season’s snow while creating a tourist attraction for their town, according to Times of India.

The two igloos were built by the boys and come completely outfitted for an overnight stay. Each room comes with a bed, table and lights—which is pretty luxe considering that it’s inside of an igloo. Guests staying overnight are provided meals, snow outfits and skiing kits.

As far as activities, guests can also try to make their own igloos or go out skiing or sledding.

Tashi Wangchuk/Keylinga Himalayan Adventures - Manali

The owners—Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje, who also own a winter travel company—had the igloo idea in their minds for quite some time, but it took a perfect storm of good snow and low temperatures this year to make the plan a reality. Snow in Himachal Pradesh is not uncommon, especially higher up in the mountainous areas of the region.

The boys are hoping to register the project with the local tourism board to bring more people to India’s snowy regions.

Shivam Aher/Keylinga Himalayan Adventures - Manali

Reservations are quickly running out, especially seeing as the igloos are only projected to stay through the end of February before they melt away. One night in the igloos will set travelers back $83.

Guests who aren’t able to book a night in the snow can still visit the location during the day and take advantage of the slopes for $40.