A man in China learned the hard way that skipping out on your hotel bill is not a good idea.

According to Mashable, the young man attempted to flee a hotel in Panzhou, a city province in Guizhou, China, without paying by leaping out of a high-rise window and attempting to climb across to another building on telephone wires.

In a surprise to no one, this didn't go well: A terrifying video shows the man begin to swing perilously close to live wires that could have ended his life.

In the end, the man safely made it to the ground after being rescued by officers from the 196-foot-high wire. At the bottom he was, however, promptly arrested.

“The man did not suffer any injuries,” police told Daily Mail. “He is safe now.”

It's unclear which hotel the man was actually trying to flee from, or just how much his hotel bill was.

So far the video of the man’s attempt has been viewed more than 7.3 million times on Weibo, a Chinese social media site. Viewers left comments noting the man’s “outrageous” antics, according to Daily Mail.

“Does he think it's okay to put his life in danger just to avoid paying for a night's stay in a hotel,” one user wrote. Another commented, “He really thinks he is filming some action movies, right?”

On the bright side, it doesn’t appear that his wildly dangerous stunt will inspire any copycat bill skippers anytime soon.