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Tucked away near the end of a long, winding dirt road in the picturesque town of Tulum, Mexico sits what can only be described as every art adoring, beach going, international crime aficionado's dream.

You see, Casa Malca, the 41-room estate sitting on the left-hand side of that long stretch of unkept street, is filled with something for just about everyone including a rare sculpture by pop artist KAWS simply sitting in the entryway, stunning vistas of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea from every window, and a backstory that will make every "Narcos" fan giddy with joy because the entire property once belonged to none other than Pablo Escobar.

Casa Malca Tulum Mexico Hotel Pablo Escobar Estate Pool View
Credit: Courtesy of Casa Malca
Jeff Koons statue at Casa Malca in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Stacey Leasca

“I purchased the property because I thought it was insane,” Casa Malca owner and renowned art dealer Lio Malca told Cool Hunting. “I could not believe that in this world, a property like this still exists and hasn't been taken over by a corporation.”

On a recent visit to Tulum, we got to experience the “insane” property firsthand — and it’s exactly as breathtaking and one-of-a-kind as Malca describes.

Since purchasing the property in 2012, Lamca has renovated the estate to make it visitor-friendly while at the same time perfectly preserving its old-world charms.

Take, for example, its stunning entryway with an enormously oversized front door made of tree trunks. On either side framing the door sits antique furniture hung up like swings from the rafters. Lining those are two seemingly innocuous white curtains filled with sequins, however, upon closer inspection it turns out those drapes are actually made of vintage wedding gowns.

Entrance to Casa Malca in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Stacey Leasca

And again, all that incredible detail is happening before you even step foot inside the actual hotel. It’s no wonder then that it’s become the secret getaway for all your favorite supermodels.

“Mondays,” Casa Malca captioned a recent Instagram photo of mega-supermodel Elle Macpherson as she lounged on one of those very entryway couches.

Supermodel and rock royalty Georgia May Jagger swung on the very same couch for her Instagram photo, which she captioned: “Swinging in paradise.”

And not to be outdone, model and actress Cara Delevingne brought along a bevy of beauties for her stay at Casa Malca, in celebration of her birthday.

“Thank you @casamalca for my amazing birthday weekend. Even bigger thank you to everyone who made it so special,” Delevingne wrote.

And it’s not just the entryway or the epic rooftop view that models are falling in love with.

Maya Stepper captured the hotel’s simply picture-perfect interior as well as its truly delicious dining selection, especially its over-the-top fantastic brunch specials.

“This is what happiness looks like,” Stepper wrote, showing off the hotel’s drool-worthy tacos while seated at one of its beachside tables.

Model Karen Lima meanwhile showcased the hotel’s glimmering pool, which is also situated just steps from the sandy beach.

And singer Mary Charteris perfectly captured just a taste of the artwork literally lurking in every corner of the hotel.

It’s all these details and more than will make visitors, famous or otherwise, come back again and again for a stay in Casa Malca. And it doesn’t hurt that the hotel is perfectly situated in a tourism hotspot that is also filled to the brim with world class dining, shopping, and a famous cenote — a naturally-occurring limestone pool — just across the street. But hey, we’d return for one of the hotel’s mojitos alone.

Huevos Rancheros breakfast at Casa Malca hotel in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Stacey Leasca