A blissful night atop rare yak fibers will cost you.

By Andrea Romano
September 11, 2017
Credit: Niall Clutton/Courtesy of The Savoy London

If you’re dreaming of exceptional comfort, this is the place to be.

The Royal Suite at London’s Savoy hotel claims that its new, four-poster bed is the world’s most comfortable, saying that it “transcends all levels of comfort currently available,” according to the Daily Mail.

The bed is made from the hair fibers of the Khangai yak, a beast native to a specific region of Mongolia. Who knew sleeping on yak hair would be so luxurious?

Credit: Courtesy of Savoir Beds

The bed, which is called the Savoir No 1 Khangai, costs £1,400 (about $1,845) per night to sleep in at the hotel. However, if you would like to sleep in cozy yak comfort yourself at home, the bed is available for purchase starting at £70,525 (about $93,000), and the mattress topper can be bought separately for £13,250 (about $17,400).

British fashion brand and yarn specialist Tengri and bed company Savoir Beds teamed up especially to make the bed for the Savoy Hotel. According to the Daily Mail, no less than four kilograms (about 8 pounds) of fibers from 40 yaks fill the toppers of the bed. Only 100 grams (about 3 ounces) of fiber is available from each yak per year, so the bed’s fibers are quite rare.

Credit: Courtesy of Savoir Beds

Not only are the yak fibers warmer than some wools, they’re also noted to be softer than cashmere.

The bed also comes with environmental credentials, since Tengri works directly with 4,500 nomadic herder families in the Khangai region (where the yaks come from). The company is dedicated to ensure a fair-share income with the herders as well as giving land rights, and offers consumers a 100-percent transparent supply chain.

Now, there are several reasons to sleep soundly in this bed.