By Amy McKeever
December 01, 2015
Snoozebox Hotels

Portable hotels are handy enough on their own—providing micro sleeping spaces at concerts and sporting events—but now Snoozebox is taking things to a whole new level. Last week, the London-based company revealed its latest design that it is calling STAGEzzz: a portable hotel room that transforms into a performance stage.

STAGEzzz is the brainchild of the Norwegian OHØYstudio and the winning design of a recent competition to find the “next generation” of Snoozebox hotels. According to an announcement on the company’s Facebook page, STAGEzzz won the competition “due to its elegant yet uncomplicated solution that offers Snoozebox the ability to quickly reconfigure the space.”

And that it is. The design for the new hotel is essentially a box with a number of movable wooden panels with storage space underneath the floor to keep the room’s bedding, furniture, and luggage. At its peak hotel function, the room can provide two twin bunk-style beds and a side table, while at peak performance function the room is a flat black-box-style stage.

Though the room is only in the prototype stage now, once employed it seems it would fit right in as a way of combining sleeping and performance spaces at the music festivals where Snoozebox can often be found. STAGEzzz will be just one design style of the various hotels Snoozebox operates, which The Telegraph reports includes 800 hotel rooms. If you’re interested in checking any of these designs out, there’s plenty of lead time to plan ahead: Snoozebox has major contracts in the works for the Dubai Expo 2020 and the World Cup in 2022.