A private elevator will deliver drinks and food straight to your suite.

Guests can grab whisky on the go with a new vending machine.
Credit: Courtesy of Napoleon Hotel

Love whisky, hate people? The Napoleon Hotel in London might be the retreat of your dreams.

The one-luxury-suite hotel, already home to three different whisky-filled bars, now also has a whisky vending machine that serves a variety of labels ranging from Macallan to Aberfedly to Royal Lochnager.

The machine, which stands in front of the hotel’s entrance, comes form Whisky-Me, a U.K. subscription service that delivers pouches of Scotch whisky to customers’ homes each month.

Since the concept of Whisky-Me is to make whisky more accessible, each pouch features simple tasting note photographs to let drinkers know what they can expect.

Each pouch comes with depictions of the flavors a customer can expect.
Credit: Courtesy of the Napoleon Hotel

Customers can choose from selections that come with an eclectic range of flavors like the Laphroaig Lore, which includes hints of chili pepper and smoked fish, according to Matthew Hastings, head consultant for Fluid Movement (the company behind Whisky-Me, Black Rock, Sack, The Devil’s Darling, and The Napoleon Hotel and Bars).

Be sure to also try the Table Whisky, created at the hotel’s Black Rock Bar, where an 18-foot-long English oak tree has been turned into a table and has channels cut into it that are lined with oak barrels and streamed with a combination of aged whisky to produce a continuously revolving house blend.

The Black Rock Bar includes a large English oak tree that has been made into a table where whisky is aged onsite.
Credit: Courtesy of Napoleon Hotel

“We age it in the table to that you can sit and taste and drink something that is aging and changing in front of you,” Hastings said.

Besides the Black Rock bar, which specializes in whisky and includes selections from Japan, Ireland, Finland, France, and more, the hotel also includes the Wes Anderson-inspired Devil’s Darling bar, and Sack (noted for serving affordable sherry selections in a space inspired by the bodegas of Spain).

The Devil's Darling bar is meant to resemble hotel bars found around the world.
Credit: Courtesy of Napoleon Hotel

The only suite on the property comes with a lounge area, complimentary Wi-Fi, Spotify music selections, an LED television, cold and boiling water on tap, fresh coffee, a mini-bar, and a roll-top bath.

The Napoleon Hotel in London only includes one luxury suite.
Credit: Courtesy of Napoleon Hotel
Enjoy complete privacy in the one suite property of the Napoleon Hotel in London.
Credit: Courtesy of Napoleon Hotel

The best feature of the room, though, might be the service elevators guests can use to send down and receive drinks and food straight to their room.

Guests can simply fill out a paper with their request and send it down the service elevator attached to the room to have their order sent directly through the chute, all without ever having to speak to anyone or leave the room. Rates for the suite start at about $230 per night.

While Whisky-Me announced the machine is guaranteed to be available through December, there are no current plans to remove it, Hastings said. To purchase a whisky from the machine, guests and passersby can head to the Devil's Darling bar from 5 p.m. every day to purchase a token.