5 Millennial-Friendly Features of GLo
Credit: Gman Viz/ Flickr

Best Western’s blue and yellow crest is familiar to anyone who’s ever driven on a highway. Now, the brand is going through some changes. In addition to a simplified logo (check it out here), a new brand has been revealed, GLō, which aims to “bring the stylish hotel trend” to suburban areas.

Appropriately for a name that invokes luminescence, one of the defining features of new GLō hotels will be a “Lite Brite wall” that extends from the building’s facade into the lobby—the hotel will literally glow. But more than just a design feature, the nifty light-up panels hint at Best Western’s desire to reach a younger, more discerning clientele that might be drawn to other stylish new hotel brands.

“The Lite Brite wall acts as a yellow brick road leading guests into the lobby and to the welcome desk,” says Amy Hulbert, Best Western’s Manager of Architecture and Design. Careful not to present it as an art installation, however, Hulbert clarifies: “The LED lights will fade between a clear white and blue; it’s a set lighting pattern, and a signature design element of the GLō brand.”

But the novelty doesn’t stop there. Below, four other millennial-friendly features of GLō that will draw guests like moths to a flame:

Unlimited Netflix binge-watching

Thanks to in-room smart TVs, guests will be able to Bluetooth their personal devices and stream content straight from Netflix and Hulu—no pay-per-view fee required! Plus, ample bandwidth will allow for uninterrupted (and free!) internet use.

Do it all from your phone

It’s 2015, and the days of fiddling with a swipe card are numbered. At GLō hotels, guests will use their smartphone as a room key. Smartphones will also be the main communication line between guests and the Front Desk: simply text or email your query, and it will be received instantly by a staff member downstairs.

Storage units under the bed

Because closets take up too much space anyway. Bathrooms, too, will be streamlined, using a “centrally loaded design” that saves 40-50 square feet.

Work on the fly

All rooms will feature desks with Herman Miller ergonomic chairs. In the lobby, a Business Bar will offer free wireless printing and flexible work spaces.