Legoland hotel
Credit: Courtesy of Legoland Hotel

With more than two million bricks in various forms, the new five-story Lego Hotel in Winter Haven, Florida is quite literally a giant toy box for kids (and creative adults!).

From the moment you step into the resort’s doors, you’re greeted the best of Lego creations: a reception wall filled with 5,000 Lego mini-figures and a castle-themed play area complete with a roaring ogre, pirates, and a block-filled moat (the perfect distraction for kids while the adults check in).

As you can imagine, it only gets more extravagant from there. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to see at this work of art hotel:

Disco Elevator

Flashing lights, upbeat music, “lava tiles,” a rotating mirror ball—the hotel’s elevator certainly lives up to its namesake. Even better: there’s a whoopee cushion graphic embedded into the area outside the first floor entrance with sound effects to boot—perfect for the child in all of us.

Steam-Breathing Dragon Made from Lego

A 15-foot dragon made of Legos awaits hotel guests from his resting spot above a clock tower. Every now and then you’ll catch a puff of smoke escaping his mouth.

Master Lego Builder Classes

Expert Lego builders from the nearby Legoland theme park will lead free workshops teaching guests how to build models. This is the first hotel to host one of these learning experiences in-building.

Create Your Own Room Decorations

It wouldn’t be a Lego hotel without DIY room décor. Each of the 152 rooms is designed around a Lego kit theme (think: pirate, kingdom, adventure, Lego friends, etc.) and is fully stocked with model sets.

In-Room Scavenger Hunts That Lead to “Special Treats”

The reward: a treasure chest full of Lego surprises, of course.

Lego-Shaped Pool Floaties

It doesn’t get more meta than relaxing in a pool with a pair of branded floaties surrounded by Lego-colored lounge chairs in an entire resort themed around the toy.

This is the second Legoland hotel, the first being the brand’s Carlsbad, California location. For more information on reserving a room, head on over to the Legoland Hotel website.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.