A Futuristic Hotel Is Coming to Orlando - Self-driving Cars and Smart Rooms Included

It's as high-tech as it gets.

Orlando, Florida is about to step into the future thanks to one seriously innovative new hotel.

Lake Nona is already poised to be a tech-centric community. Located on 17-square-miles of land adjacent to the Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona is "a modern mecca for technology, innovation, and community." And, with any great community, you need a great hotel. That's where the Lake Nona Wave Hotel comes in.

The hotel, set to open later this year, features 216 guest rooms - including 16 one-bedroom suites and two penthouse suites - and is so high-tech you'll think you're visiting The Jetsons.

Lake Nona Wave hotel in Orlando, modern contemporary furnishings
Courtesy of Lake Nona Wave

"There is simply nothing else like Lake Nona Wave Hotel in Orlando. We are excited to be bringing an entirely new and distinct experience to this area,'' Suzie Yang, the hotel's general manager, shared in a statement. "We invite guests to retreat to Lake Nona, where world-class wellness and culinary experiences are enhanced by thoughtful technological touches all at the heart of a beautifully designed community.''

With a stay at the hotel, guests can expect a tech-meets-wellbeing experience thanks to the nearby Dr. Deepak Chopra Mind-Body Zone and Spa at Lake Nona Performance Club, along with the use of the community's fleet of autonomous shuttles, which takes guests to restaurants and entertainment venues nearby.

Lake Nona Wave hotel in Orlando, modern contemporary furnishings
Courtesy of Lake Nona Wave

The hotel will debut with many future-forward amenities, including View Smart Windows that tint using predictive intelligence in response to the sun and outdoor conditions, voice-automated in-room controls, TOTO smart toilets, Healthe Inc. Cleanse Solutions that keep vital surfaces sanitized, in-room tablets, keyless entry, and more.

While staying at the hotel, guests can also use the custom mobile app that allows them to control their entire stay right from their phone. For example, if a guest forgot their toothbrush, wants to order food, or wants to see the weekly schedule of events, it's all in the palm of their hand.

The design of the hotel is also meant to mimic its high-tech vibe.

Lake Nona Wave hotel in Orlando, modern contemporary furnishings
Courtesy of Lake Nona Wave

"With architecture by Arquitectonica, renowned for expressive modernism, the hotel will become the striking center of Lake Nona Town Center," the hotel explained in a statement. "With interiors designed by Blue Lantern Studios complemented by art selected by Amy Parry Projects, every element of the hotel will be impeccably curated with an abundance of colors, forms and textures resulting in what is being described as 'playful, unexpected moments to stimulate the imagination' throughout its common spaces, elevators, hallways, landscaping and beyond."

And this is all just the beginning. Thanks to the Lake Nona Wave Hotel's location, guests can also explore the Lake Nona Town Center, its dining and entertainment establishments, its beach volleyball court, and more. The U.S. Tennis Association National Campus, the largest tennis facility in the nation; Nona Adventure Park, a water-based entertainment center with an inflatable aqua-park obstacle course; and Drive Shack, an entertainment destination with an augmented reality driving range, are all within reach.

"Lake Nona is such a vibrant destination for groups with dining, wellness, entertainment and team building opportunities surrounding the hotel'' Yang said. ''This wealth of opportunity so close to an International Airport is unheard of on the East Coast."

Lake Nona Wave Hotel will start taking reservations on June 15, 2021, with rates starting at $259.

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