There's a New Five-star Private Island Retreat Opening in the Maldives — and We Got a Sneak Peek

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The Maldives is welcoming a new resort that will not only allow you to immerse yourself in Mother Nature but will also help you to reconnect with your inner being.

Joali Being, a brand-new wellness resort and part of the Joali Maldives family, will officially opens its doors on Nov. 15. And the resort is inviting guests from around the world to come and embark on a truly transformative journey.

Joali Being
Courtesy of JOALI BEING

Located on the secluded island of Bodufushi in the Raa Atoll, the resort features 68 private beach and water villas, along with a robust culinary arts program and in-depth immersion programs tailored to each guest's individual goals.

"Joali Being is a wellbeing retreat unlike any other in the world; it is a transformative destination aimed to inspire and ignite the very deepest of mindful connections to one's self, one another, and one's environment by enhancing our relationship with the surrounding natural world, our bodies, and our minds," Özgür Cengīz, the general manager of the resort, shared in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure.

aerial view of Joali Being
Courtesy of JOALI BEING

"Every element of this island works together to bring to life specialized spaces, opportunities, and unique moments that lend themselves to a vast array of possibilities. The magic of Joali Being is that no story is previously written and no itinerary previously set, rather, it is a place where all visitors are welcome, invited, and encouraged to pave the way for their own journey of self-discovery and renewal, enabling guests to return home feeling uplifted and inspired," Cengīz continued.

That inspired feeling begins the moment guests walk into the resort designed by Autoban and Atolye4N. Following Joali Being's commitment to preserving, respecting, and connecting with the local landscape, the designers worked to create a retreat using biophilic design principles, which the resort explained in a statement is "a scientific system of integrating architecture and design with nature, with the goal to achieve harmony by eliminating negative vibrations and enhancing the energy flow of the island." In doing so, the island's wild forest also remains untouched, so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Flow at Joali Being
Courtesy of JOALI BEING

When guests arrive, they will also be able to tailor their stay around both their goals and the four pillars of Joali Being. The pillars include "mind," which aims to "cultivate contentment and peace of mind through sound therapy and mind and body practices"; "microbiome," which helps guests "form a deeper understanding of the connection between body, mind, and nutrition while building eating habits around the body's circadian rhythm'; "skin," which assists guests on a journey to "illuminate the skin with rejuvenating therapies that draw equally from timeless rituals and the world's most advanced research," and "energy," which seeks to "rebalance the nervous system and optimize energy flow through intelligent movement practices and restorative therapies."

All this work is done alongside the resort's expert team of naturopaths, therapists, and movement experts who will remain by guests' sides the entire way.

Flow at Joali Being
Courtesy of JOALI BEING

During their stay, guests can also take part in personalized immersion programs designed to enhance the four pillars. According to the resort, the immersion programs can be tailored toward areas of "strength and vitality, mental clarity and wellbeing, hormonal balance, women's health, digestive and weight rebalance, restorative sleep, as well as movement and alignment for good health and immunity."

Of course, the resort offers plenty of recreational and leisure activities, too, including everything from wellness workshops to land and water sports, local excursions, workout classes, and so much more. Seek out your personal path to enlightenment (or at least your path to a really, really stellar vacation) by booking a stay on the Joali Being website now.

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