If you don't request this for your next hotel stay, you're not doing it right.

By Erika Owen
September 23, 2016
Getty Images

Sure, extra towels and pillows can be great, but one traveler recently took strange hotel requests to a new level at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

When Seth Freedland was asked if he had any special requests for his upcoming stay, he jokingly asked for the room to be decorated with photos of Jeff Goldblum, reported Mashable.

You can guess what happened next.

If you can't have Goldblum himself there to greet you in your room, this has to be the next best thing.

Mashable asked Freedland about the surprise, and he shared that the big reveal was semi-ruined when they checked into the room.

“The one hiccup was when we checked in,” he said. “The front desk clerk understandably didn't know it was a surprise and had me sign a little receipt for it, and said ‘for the frames.’ Amy shot me a quizzical look and I mumbled something about hotels these days and their weird fees.”

Erika Owen is the Senior Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.