This Hotel Room Has Its Own Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
Photo: Courtesy of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Travelers looking to experience what it’s like to fly over one of the world’s best airports can now do so straight from the comfort of their room at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu.

Drawing inspiration from its location near Haneda (Tokyo International) Airport, the hotel is opening a room that comes with its own flight simulator to provide guests with sweeping views as they embark on flights over the facility to Osaka's Itami Airport.

Guests will be able to experience flights over the airport and its surroundings in a simulator based on a Boeing 737-800, with the hotel offering the new feature in its Superior Cockpit Room starting on July 18.

With the simulator, guests can experience whisking through the skies for 90 minutes before returning back to the airport, getting to enjoy views over the space both during the daytime and in the evening.

An instructor will guide guests through the flight experience, while features like the ability to tilt the landscape using a control stick allow guests to truly feel like they’re maneuvering the aircraft.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
Courtesy of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

The experience costs 30,000 yen (about $278) and comes separately from a stay in the room, which starts at an additional 23,300 yen (about $216).

The hotel’s close location to the Haneda Airport also gives guests a chance to engage in aviation-based experiences at locations like its 24-hour observation deck or at Tiat Sky Road, which hosts four different flight simulators and panels and model planes from various airlines.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
Courtesy of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

The airport also hosts a range of amenities that provide for an entertaining layover, from the Starry Cafe planetarium where passengers can gaze at millions of stars, to traditional sushi, ramen, and tonkatsu offerings at the Edo Marketplace.

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