Arctic Hotel, Ilulissat, Greenland
Credit: Holger Leue/Getty Images

Greenland’s Hotel Arctic has claimed fame as the world’s northernmost four-star hotel.

The hotel sits on the edge of the Illulissat Ice Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and boasts impressive views from its rooms. But for those who are looking for a little bit more of an arctic experience, the hotel also has several high-tech igloos available for rent.

The igloos have a metal exterior and look like fantastic tundra spaceships from the outside—especially since they’re perched directly overlooking the fjord.

But on the inside, there are all the comforts of home, with heat, TV, shower and a kitchenette. They are available to book from May through October.

The hotel also has ways to kill time on the property just in case guests don’t feel like trekking into the (literal) tundra. The on-site restaurant, which was once named “the world’s wildest kitchen,” features traditional Greenlandic meals like reindeer but also plenty of fresh fish dishes for less-adventurous palates.

Arctic Hotel, Ilulissat, Greenland
Credit: Greenland Travel via Flickr

And when guests start feeling the need to interact with society, the hotel is not far from the traditional town of Ilulissat. The town is famous for its brightly-colored wooden buildings and dog sleds for common transportation. And of course, there are always the Northern Lights.

Rooms are available from $207 per night.