Sweden Ice Hotel Art Suite Danger Thin Ice Room
Credit: Asaf Kliger

Instead of wishing for a warm-weather tropical getaway this winter, may we suggest leaning into the cold and traveling to the world-famous Ice Hotel instead?

The Ice Hotel, located on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, reopened its doors this month with 35 new and uniquely designed deluxe suites. The hotel also comes complete with an ice bar, ice ceremony hall, and ice gallery. Inside, make sure to look up as the hotel’s Main Hall chandeliers were created using 1,000 hand-polished ice crystals.

Sweden Ice Hotel Art Suite Monstera Room
Credit: Asaf Kliger

“Step inside a frozen jungle of Monstera-plants, sleep safe and sound with a gigantic mountain gorilla by your side – or drift away into the dreamland inside a cloud,” Ice Hotel representatives said in a statement. “Those are some of the creations waiting for this winter’s guests at Ice Hotel.”

This year, the hotel has enlisted 36 artists from 17 different countries to create 15 totally unique art suites, along with a magnificent Main Hall, and a special ice ceremony hall. Each of the pieces created by the artists are meant to be interacted with while they last. Because, as the hotel explained, when the winter season is over, it all melts down and returns to Torne River as part of a perfect cycle.

Sweden Ice Hotel Art Suite Cumulus Room
Credit: Asaf Kliger
Sweden Ice Hotel Follow The White Rabbit Room
Credit: Asaf Kliger

The work to create this year’s Ice Hotel creations actually began in March last year, when thousands of huge ice blocks were harvested from Torne River. Amongst this year’s seasonal suites, the guests can experience what it’s like to climb down into an underground mine with elements of crystal clear ice, created by the British brothers Hugh and Howard Miller.

Or, for something a bit greener perhaps try the creation by artist Nina Kauppi, who raised in a greenhouse. She, along with her partner Johan Kauppi, has created a formidable jungle of Monstera-plants.

And for something a bit more timely to the news cycle, artists Alem Teklu and Anne Karin Krogevoll created a suite inspired by the boat refugees’ journey across the Mediterranean Sea, with the name “Daily Travelers.”

Lastly, for the deluxe suit, artists Dave Ruane and Luca Roncoroni have carved a labyrinth inside a a 34-meter ice wall, which leads to the heart of the suite – the bed.

Sweden Ice Hotel Art Suite Space Room
Credit: Asaf Kliger

Beyond sleeping inside the sleek ice rooms, visitors can also take part in a number of activities including a northern lights tour on snowmobile, a half-day tour with dog sled, ice sculpting, arctic yoga, Jukkasjärvi sauna ritual and a wilderness dinner.

But, if you’d rather cozy up to the fire and eat a delicious meal that’s great, too, as this year the hotel will over the chef’s table at The Veranda Restaurant. There, Michelin-awarded Chef Alexander Meier will present a twelve-course menu, focusing on local produce with an unforgettable local twist featuring fir sprouts, cloudberry and sea buckthorn.

If you want to visit, don't wait to book your stay. The hotel will only be open through April 15, 2018.