Eight Hotel Secrets From Industry Insiders

Hotel Secrets From Insiders
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When you stay in a hotel room, there are a few things you expect: the sheets may not be as clean as you'd like (proof), the bed won't feel just like it does at home (maybe it's better, hopefully it's not worse), and you can't depend on being placed next to quiet neighbors. But a number of hotel insiders recently took to the forum website Quora to share a slew of other tidbits not shared with the hotel-hopping public. If you loved the airport insiders that shared their secrets on Reddit, you'll love this. Read on:

​Most Hotels Pay Housekeepers Per Room They Clean

A number of discussion participants mentioned that many of the hotel housekeepers they've worked with—or even the positions they've held—paid based on the number of rooms they were able to clean. What this means: the dirtier the room, the more time it takes to clean it and the less money they bring in. Just another reason to keep things relatively tidy.

​The Best Time for Hotel Stays is on a Sunday Early in the Month

One Quora user mention that Sundays early on in the month are the best days to stay at a hotel. The reason? Vacationers are on their way out and business travelers have yet to arrive, meaning there are more rooms to choose from.

Hotels and the Local Police Have Great Relationships, Most of the Time

When you think about how many people come through hotels and how many of those people are celebrating something or on vacation, it's not a stretch to imagine how often the authorities may have to pay a visit to a place like this. Most of the time, hotel management has a great relationship with local police and medical units for this reason.

Third Party Booking Doesn't Always Save You Money

More than one Quora member mentioned that third-party booking sites won't necessarily get you the best deal on a hotel room. Many times, a hotel will look to these sites to sell rooms because they have such a large vacancy. According to the forum, you'll have better luck calling the hotel directly and asking for their "base" or "rack" rates. By doing this, you're also forming a relationship with the hotel—and how knows what becoming a loyal visitor can do for you in the long run (more on that below).

You Might Be Sharing a Hotel with a Celebrity, But You Won't Know It

Many hotels respect celebrities' and other high-profile visitors' wishes for a quiet stay. According to forum members who have worked with celebrities directly, these A-listers tend to come out at night when less people are out and about or schedule transportation directly through the hotel management for the least disruption possible.

You Should Steer Clear of Hotel Glasses

Much of the Quora discussion circled around the glasses in hotel rooms and why you should try and avoid them if at all possible, mainly because many cited the in-room cups as the germiest objects in the room.

The Bedding Isn't Cleaned as Often as You Would Hope

This is another one you may have expected. But, if you think about it, you probably don't wash your sheets at home as often as you should, either.

​Being Nice Will Get You a Long Way (and Upgrades)

Many Quora members mentioned that being nice is the smartest thing you can do in regards to connecting with hotel employees. Many employees have the ability to share discounted—and often free—perks, if they feel inclined to do so. Another point that was reiterated again and again in the discussion: employees will many times recognize repeat visitors and reward their loyalty in free upgrades and other complimentary services.

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