Hotel Openings

Who wants the same old same old when you can explore the newest hotel openings across the world? Check out a Regency mansion’s latest high-end facelift or a new eco-friendly resort that skips out on a wall (or four). Whether we’re covering a historic property’s renovations or an ambitious new concept’s debut, Travel + Leisure is your in-the-know source for the latest news on hotel openings.New HotelsSurvey today’s travel trends by looking at what new hotels are opening across the world. Whether they are committing to a high concept (did someone say robot hotel?), to sustainability, or to extreme exclusivity, new hotels are a great way to take the temperature of the industry. (And sometimes it’s just fun to take a peek at properties you’d never otherwise see, like a multi-billion dollar hotel whose rooms cost tens of thousands of dollars per night.)How are major brands, such as Marriott or Hilton, looking toward the future? What independent boutiques are popping up in newly popular travel destinations? How are hotels—large and small—responding to peer-to-peer rental services like Airbnb?You won't find the answers in any tea leaves. Explore the latest in hotel openings with us, from minimalist lodging by a remote Japanese hot spring, to the return of American hoteliers to Cuba, to the “water limousines” provided by a new Lake Como hotel. On the Cambodian-side of the Gulf of Thailand's spectacular and jewel-toned beaches, a clutch of new luxury villas have opened, while an opulent renovation restored a palatial Paris institution. Safari camps are being set up in unusual places (say, Nepal, or Madagascar), and the conversion of historic landmarks (a sports club, a grain silo, a post office, a train station) is evolving into how we can transform them into new accommodations. With Travel + Leisure, we’ve got the scoop on the latest, and the best, in hotels.
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