You'll want to pack light.

By Melissa Locker
May 24, 2016
Stewart Clements

If you’re heading to Boston, and don't have claustrophobia, consider booking a night at the the smallest house in the world.

Designed by sculptor Jeff Smith, the wood-lined trailer home manages to pack a lot into its tiny space. There’s a futon (sleeps one), room for a lap top (no wi-fi, though), and a propane-powered stove, plus plenty of light from a skylight and six porthole windows made from repurposed pie plates. There’s a sink with running water from a refillable bottle that drains into window boxes. The mobile apartment even has a tiny front door with a mail slot—in case you stay long enough to get your copy of Travel+Leisure delivered.

Stewart Clements

“This house is very small, but super convenient,” Smith wrote on the listing. “Staying in the smallest house in the world is a unique experience and not for regular people.” He’s right, as many travelers may balk at using the tiny house’s facilities—the “toilet” is a covered hole in the floor that leads to a drawer filled with kitty litter. The home also has no heat or air conditioning, so visitors in winter or summer will want to plan and pack accordingly. The house is mobile, so renters can hook it to a trailer and park it near bigger houses with proper toilets.

“It started out as an art project,” Smith told the Boston Globe. “But now it’s moving into what happens when I put it on Airbnb and if anyone takes it. I want to see how it goes with someone renting this place out, and hear back from them and see what they say.”

Stewart Clements

Smith is also making a fictional movie about the project, according to Hyperallergic, The short film tells the story of Glen Bunsen, who’s raison d’etre is the world’s smallest house. Watch the trailer here.

The Smallest House in the World is available for rent on Airbnb for $55 a night. Other tiny-house hotels are available around the world, particularly in New York and Portland, Oregon.