Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa in Sweden
Credit: Courtesy of Arctic Bath

Your dream Scandinavian hotel is here.

The highly anticipated Arctic Bath, a floating hotel on the Lule River in Swedish Lapland, is finally open to guests, according to CNN.

Arctic Bath, a circular building that is surrounded by intersecting wooden logs, looks a bit like a gigantic bird's nest. But in reality, it’s the ultimate getaway for people seeking peace, quiet, and some time at the spa, CNN reported.

Spa pool at Arctic Bath in Sweden
Credit: Courtesy of Arctic Bath

The hotel emphasizes wellness with its healthy, local meals, mindful meditation, yoga, and activities that explore the wilderness, like bear-watching and husky sled rides, according to CNN. It’s also a particularly amazing spot to view the northern lights. But in the middle of the building is the hotel’s most unique feature: the arctic bath.

Here, guests can take the plunge into the Lule River’s icy waters. Why would someone do this, you ask? It’s actually helps soothe aching muscles through cold and hot therapy (when combined with a session in the sauna).

Arctic Bath Cabins in Sweden
Credit: Courtesy of Arctic Bath

But if jumping into freezing water is not your thing, the hotel also has a spa treatment room, four saunas, a restaurant, and of course, warm hotel rooms.

Interior of cabins at Arctic Bath in Sweden
Credit: Courtesy of Arctic Bath

The property is located an hour and 15 minutes from Luleå Airport in Sweden, according to CNN. There are only 12 rooms available, both on land and on the water, so space is understandably limited. Bookings went live back in July 2019, so the hotel is already poised to welcome guests.

Prices can vary depending on when you’d like to visit. For more information or to make a booking, visit the Arctic Bath website.