The Iconic Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico Is Finally Reopening Its Doors

The hotel suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Maria.

Caribe Hilton Re-Opens
Photo: Courtesy of Caribe Hilton

One of the most iconic and historic hotels in Puerto Rico is finally reopening.

The Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, which originally opened in 1949, had to sadly close its doors in 2018 after significant damage from Hurricane Maria, according to Travel Weekly. But, like many other hotels and tourist attractions on the island, the Caribe has officially bounced back.

About $100 million was put into renovations, in order to bring guests the most luxurious accommodations that they can find in Puerto Rico, according to reports..

Caribe Hilton Re-Opens
Courtesy of Caribe Hilton

The new-and-improved hotel boasts beautiful, contemporary designs in all of its 652 rooms, all new landscaping, nine different places for guests to eat and drink, a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa, and a pool with a truly magnificent view. A 65,000-square-feet indoor and outdoor event space was added to the hotel property as well, according to the hotel's statement.

In addition to cosmetic renovations, the property has updated and fortified several key features around the hotel to withstand bad weather, such as glass doors that can hold up against high winds, according to Travel Weekly.

It isn’t just beautiful and modern, it’s also safer and stronger.

The hotel has been taking some reservations since mid-May, but now it’s officially fully open for all guests to plan their vacations. Reopening the hotel this year is particularly special as well since it marks the Caribe Hilton's 70th anniversary.

The Caribe Hilton is also a cornerstone in travel industry history. According to the hotel, it’s the first Hilton hotel to be built outside of the continental U.S., and it’s generally agreed upon to be the birthplace of the pina colada.

“It's such an iconic hotel, so it was so important for us to bring it back as soon as possible and bring it back stronger than ever,” said Pablo Torres, General Manager, to Travel Weekly. “It's important for the company, our guests, the community and for our team members. We couldn't be happier to reopen.”

Most of the pre-hurricane staff (about 80 percent) have returned to the Caribe Hilton as well. So, if you’ve been a frequent visitor to the hotel, you might see some friendly, familiar faces.

Tourism in Puerto Rico is one of the biggest industries in the country. Since Hurricane Maria, several campaigns, including one featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, have been working to entice travelers to the island, as well as other places in the Caribbean, to help boost the local economy.

More information about booking a room can be found on the Caribe Hilton Hotel website.

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