North America's First 'Landscape Hotel' Blends Seamlessly Into Sedona's Rock Formations

Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel, Sedona, Arizona
Photo: Courtesy of Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel

Sedona has always been sought out by nature lovers and luxury travelers alike for its distinctive red rocks, gorgeous sunsets, and reputation for having some of the best resorts in the country.

Now, an interesting new hotel set to open next year is making us all want to pack our bags and head for the desert.

Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel, Sedona, Arizona
Courtesy of Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel

Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel is owned by the local Sedona company Two Sister Bosses, which commissioned ASUL Architects to design it. What makes this hotel a "landscape" hotel, in particular, is its sleek, modern design that blends in with the beautiful, natural environment that people come to expect when they stay in Sedona.

The hotel, which overlooks the Coconino National Forest, sits on three acres of land and will be made up of 40 cube-shaped guest Atriums that sit above the ground. Each Atrium is constructed by matte charcoal or rust metal and floor-to-ceiling bronze-tinted glass. This glass has a particularly beautiful and fascinating effect, especially at sunset, since it reflects the surrounding nature in silhouette.

But what both nature lovers and lovers of luxury can absolutely get behind is Ambiente's dedication to the environment when building the hotel. The company focused on building with sustainable materials and used designs that minimize the impact the buildings had on the landscape, so it perfectly blends in. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of these modern accommodations is that these Atriums can be rotated and individually placed in order to fit in with the existing plant life around them and create the ideal view. But, pretty much any angle from these Atriums will be incredible since they provide 360-degree views of the rugged landscape.

"It has been our longtime dream to create a truly exciting and unique experience that is in harmony with the rare beauty of Sedona," said Jennifer May, co-founder of Two Sister Bosses, in a statement.

Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel, Sedona, Arizona
Courtesy of Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel

Although there are other landscape hotels around the world, Ambiente will be the first landscape hotel in North America. Perhaps this new milestone will start a trend, especially for environmentally conscious travelers.

Ambiente is planned to open in December 2020. To receive information about the hotel, visit the Ambiente official website.

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