By Kristine Hansen
May 02, 2019
Credit: Loren Elliott/Getty Images

If you’re glued to the news during shuttle launches and dream of traveling to the moon, there’s a new reason to visit Houston.

Linked to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon via the Apollo Lunar Module “Eagle” in July of 1969, the luxe Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston just launched — pun intended — a package that, among other things, includes lunching with an astronaut. And, no, it won’t be freeze-dried ice cream. This is real food paired with life-changing conversation, so bring all of your questions about space.

“What better way to understand the challenges, thrills and experiences of space exploration than to hear directly from an astronaut,” says William T. Harris, Space Center Houston’s president and CEO. “While enjoying a delicious lunch, our guests hear first-hand from an American hero about his or her incredible missions. Lunch is held in an intimate setting overlooking our extensive collection of space artifacts and exhibits.” And, just so your friends and co-workers believe you actually had lunch with an astronaut, you’ll walk out with a photograph of the event.

Credit: Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment

Priced at $10,000 (but, really, when else can you lunch with an astronaut?), the package accommodates two guests and includes two nights at the 250-room hotel, plus three days of VIP treatment just for space nuts at NASA Johnson Space Center, 35 miles from the hotel and where all of the country’s astronauts train.

Credit: Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment

“We wanted to be part of Houston’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing, which paved the way for future space exploration and opened the door to boundless curiosity and discovery. We wanted to offer our guests something out of this world,” says Jorge Gonzalez, the hotel’s general manager, “an elevated once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so they can be part of a curated space mission while enjoying lavish accommodations.”

Credit: Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment

And if you think you’ll be traveling by car along with other Houstonians, think again. The experience starts with a round-trip private-helicopter transfer from the hotel’s helipad direct to Ellington Field. A private car and an astronaut awaits your journey to the Space Center.

It is there that you’ll experience a guided tour of Apollo artifacts plus the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Historic Mission Control, Current Mission Control, Rocket Park and Building 9 (essentially a space-vehicle mock-up facility with robots and modules, where astronauts train).

Credit: Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment
Credit: Courtesy of Fertitta Entertainment

Back at the hotel’s 10-acre grounds, life is just as posh. In addition to six restaurants — from Bloom & Bee’s killer brunch (from caviar to migas) to bottles of wine at The Cellar that date as far back as the 1800s, in which to use the package’s $300 drink and dining credit — there’s a two-story Rolls Royce showroom and a dealership specializing in Bugatti and Bentley wheels. Art works by famous artists like Frank Stella and Robert Motherwell are displayed throughout the hotel, too. The package also folds in the Ritual of the Five Worlds treatment at The Spa at The Post Oak, for you and your guest.

Just make sure to pack your moon boots, you're probably going to need them.