Healthy Traveler Hannah Bronfman Just Reinvented the Hotel Minibar

1 Hotel x Hanna Bronfman in-room mini bar snacks at 1 Hotel West Hollywood
Photo: Courtesy of 1 Hotel West Hollywood

Hannah Bronfman wants you to get more from your hotel experience. And she wants that to start at the minibar.

In January, Bronfman, a true multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, Adidas ambassador, and DJ, launched a new partnership with 1 Hotels to modernize the minibar experience. And it's all beginning at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

"1 Hotel is one of my favorite brands," Bronfman says. "I've stayed at all their locations throughout New York, Los Angeles, and Miami for many reasons, one of which is that it's geared toward the wellness-centric traveler, which they've been at the forefront of since day one."

As an extremely health-conscious traveler, Bronfman jumped at the opportunity to provide others with some of her favorite brands when the hotel approached her about the potential partnership. Through the new offering, Bronfman says, "We've given guests the opportunity to make their own choices because wellness means something different to everyone."

To help people make those healthy choices just a little bit easier, Bronfman selected locally sourced products exclusively for the hotel's first-ever wellness-conscious minibars in Los Angeles. Each one is available on-demand when booking a reservation with the hotel and can be waiting for guests upon arrival.

And really, Bronfman would know what should and shouldn't be stocked in each hotel room, because checking out the amenities is the first thing she does when she walks into any new hotel room around the globe.

"You can tell a lot about a hotel by whether or not their [hotel toiletries] are Molton Brown or Byredo," she said with a laugh.

And these minibars are anything but basic.

"I knew I wanted to have some local element," Bronfman says of sourcing Los Angeles brands to include in her selections. "I also know that traveling does a number on your stomach so I really wanted to also add in a probiotic. And I just generally also love to put people onto lesser-known brands in general across the board."

All that love, research, and dedication to ensuring consumers have a great stay at 1 Hotels shines through in the collection of minibar offerings that will help people discover both new products and their best selves during their stay.

Guests can choose Glow Getter, a beauty package highlighting Bronfman's go-to items including GTS's Living Foods kombucha, Sommer House granola, Moon Juice dried mango with chili and lime, and Sakara beauty water drops.

There's also the Wind Down, a package filled with a taste of Bronfman's favorite late-night rituals including a Hu vegan chocolate cashew butter and raspberry jelly bar, a 1 Hotel customized slip sleeping mask, and Bronfman's new book, "Do What Feels Good."

Then there's the Early Bird Special, which comes with a selection of products to awaken the mind including Rise nitro cold brew coffee, a Sakara energy bar, some Kira Stokes resistance bands to kickstart the day with a workout, and a FaceGym training sticks kit.

1 Hotel x Hanna Bronfman in-room mini bar snacks at 1 Hotel West Hollywood
Courtesy of 1 Hotel West Hollywood

No matter which one you choose, Bronfman believes they'll all lead to a more relaxing hotel experience.

"Carving out time for yourself is really quite important," she said, "not only for your mental health but your physical health as well." And she's sure these upgraded minibars will help you carve out some of the time you need.

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