Norman Baker arrived in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1937.

He bought the Crescent Hotel that year, with the intent of transforming the Victorian building into a cancer treatment center and health retreat. Patients came from across the country to receive Baker’s non-invasive treatments. He gave them "miracle elixirs," meant to eradicate cancer.

Little did his patients know that the miracle cure was nothing more than a mixture of watermelon seed, brown corn silk, alcohol, and carbolic acid. Baker swindled his patients out of the modern day equivalent of $4.8 million in one year. A fleet of patients checked into the hotel — and never were able to check out.

Today, there are reports of spirits appearing at the foots of beds and blood splattered across the walls at the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, which calls itself America’s Most Haunted Hotel.

Throughout the month of October, the hotel will host seances, haunted shows, and nightly ghost tours to play up the seasonal spooky vibes.

Crescent Hotel & Spa Arkansas
Credit: Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images

Ghost hunters should find plenty of spirits to keep them occupied at the hotel. There’s Michael, an Irish stonemason who fell to his death while working on the building’s construction in 1885, and Theodora, a former cancer patient who roams the hotel looking for her room key. There’s also a cat named Morris and a mystery patient who appears in a nightgown at besides in the luxury suites. Guests even keep a running blog of all of their eyewitness encounters with the hotel’s spirits.

But not every stay at the hotel needs to be frightening. When guests have had enough spooks, there’s the New Moon Spa, fine dining at the Crystal Dining Room, or miles of walking trails that wrap into the town.

Just be aware that you never know who (or what) you’ll find around the corner.

Correction: The name of the town is Eureka Springs, not Eureka Falls as previously mentioned.