And the freezer is stocked with ice cream developed to help you get a restful night of shut-eye.

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Young woman sleeping peacefully
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New York may be known as the city that never sleeps, but The Gregory Hotel is trying to change that.

The Midtown boutique hotel has created the optimal environment for unwinding in its Ultimate Sleep Room, stocked with products aimed at helping guests get a restful night of shut-eye (even on W. 35th Street, steps from hectic Herald Square).

Exterior of The Gregory Hotel in New York
Credit: Courtesy of The Gregory

In the Ultimate Sleep Room, guests will find a smart pillow — which tracks REM sleep, plays music, vibrates to act as a gentle alarm, and more — and bedding made from fibers derived from eucalyptus. The mattress is made with AirCool gel-Infused foam to help manage the temperature overnight and the warm lighting uses the same technology astronauts use to sleep better in space.

Supplies in the sleep room at The Gregory Hotel
Credit: Courtesy of The Gregory

The freezer is stocked with Nightfood ice cream, scientifically developed with minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that promote a restful sleep, and a CBD spray and restorative night eye gels are meant to be used just before bedtime. Breathable down booties take the standard hotel slipper to a new level of comfort (and you won’t get sweaty and kick them off during the night).

You can bring your pet along for your stay — and you may want to, considering a recent study found women sleep better with their dog than they do with a partner.

And if none of that works, free coffee and tea is provided on the way out in the morning, plus you’ll go home with a bag of tricks to create your own ultimate sleep room at home. The room is available for booking now through April 10, and rates start at $199.