It gets raves, of course.

the grand budapest hotel
Credit: American Empirical Pictures

If you’re planning a visit to the Republic of Zubrowka, there’s only one place to stay: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Located in Upper Nebelsbad and conveniently located for day trips into nearby Lutz, the Grand Budapest Hotel has old-world charm (a funicular!) as well as a very attentive staff—and the good reviewers over at TripAdvisor cannot stop talking about it.

The fact that the hotel is entirely fictional doesn’t seem to have a deleterious effect on its ratings. In fact, it’s currently ranked as the No. 1 hotel in Zubrowka.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, created by filmmaker Wes Anderson for his 2014 Oscar-winning film of the same name, currently has 273 reviews on TripAdvisor and most of them are raves. The illustrious, nonexistent hotel has an excellent rating with 83 percent of reviewers calling it “Great!”

“Full of charm and old world elegance,” wrote one reviewer. “What a grand old European hotel!” wrote another. Other visitors recommending stopping by local bakery, Mendl's, before taking the funicular up the mountain to stock up on their delicious treats. Several others couldn’t help but note that the remote mountainside hotel’s grandeur has faded a bit as travelers opt for hotels in ritzier Alpine locations like Gstaad or Chamonix or, hotels actually located in Budapest. “A great hotel that all feels like it is stuck in a time warp,” is how one reviewer summed it up.

“Despite the worn carpeting, the hotel was top, especially the concierge,” wrote one reviewer. The concierge, who is somewhat famous for his attentiveness, especially to elderly female guests, seems to be the main reason for the Grand Budapest Hotel’s few low-scoring reviews. “Concierge hit on my mother,” groused one reviewer, who gave the elegant resort one star.

Another noted: “I booked my elderly mother in for a celebratory birthday week … she returned in somewhat of a daze and unable to adequately explain why she appeared flustered and had taken to a passion for romantic poetry.”

Other guests appreciate the concierge’s attention, though. "I am a lady in my 80s and I had the pleasure of staying in this wonderful hotel. Charming, luxurious, soothing, breathtaking ... these are just some of the words I'd use to describe the concierge. Simply put, Gustav blew my mind," raved one.

While, according to The Telegraph, the TripAdvisor page might be a lingering promotional stunt, it’s evident that the reviewers take their jobs seriously. So seriously that TripAdvisor has added a note to the page cautioning travelers not to try and book stays at the Grand Budapest Hotel. Perhaps buy it on DVD instead.