This room at the Graduate Evanston hotel comes with a replica of Kevin’s bathrobe, Little Nero’s pizza boxes, a Michael Jordan cutout, and more favorites from the classic movie.

By Stacey Leasca
December 16, 2020

It’s time to celebrate the holidays in style, ya filthy animals. 

The Graduate Evanston is celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Home Alone” with a very special package for fans of the film and newbies who have somehow managed to never see this holiday classic. 

With the King McCallister Experience, guests can “explore the streets where the 'Home Alone' saga began” and “relive [their] favorite movie moments.”  

Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Evanston
Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Evanston

Using the code KEVIN, guests can book an incredibly detailed room that has been refurbished for the season to mimic a McCallister bedroom. The space includes a terrarium with a fake tarantula, a bathroom stocked with vintage aftershave, a battle plan map for the robbers, a replica of Kevin’s green bathrobe (in multiple sizes), Little Nero's Pizza boxes, a Michael Jordan cutout, VHS tapes of “Home Alone” and “The Grinch,” a four-poster bed with red sheets, and so much more.

“Storytelling is at the core of Graduate, and Chicago native John Hughes was one of the greatest storytellers of all time,” Ben Weprin, founder and CEO of Graduate Hotels, says. “We all grew up watching his films and now share them with our children. When I was a kid, I was obsessed, and now my kids are, too. It transports us to a time that is incredibly nostalgic. As a kid, you can imagine being Kevin, and now, you can relate to being the parents.” 

Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Evanston

Guests using the code will also receive a polaroid to use throughout their visit, Chicago-style pizza from local Evanston pizza shop Union Squared, an in-room snack station with all the different junk foods Kevin ate during the film, (jars of M&Ms, Junior Mints, cheese puffs, and more), and an in-room theater featuring the “Home Alone” movies on demand.

Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Evanston
Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Evanston

“If you saw it happen in the McCallister house in the movie, it’s likely brought to life in the guest room,” Weprin adds. “From the time on the clock to the battle plan for fighting neighborhood robbers to the classic Brut in the bathroom, we left no thumbtack unturned.” 

Learn more about the package and book here