Google Is Putting Voice Assistants in Hotels so You Can Turn on the Lights, Order Prosecco, and Check Out Hands-free

Hotels can create a customized and contact-free experience for guests using Google Nest Hubs.

After so many months on lockdown, a lot of people are hoping to plan their next getaway soon. But at the same time, travelers are also looking for better ways to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus while they roam.

Luckily, Google has teamed up with some hotels in the U.S. and UK to do exactly that. On Wednesday, Google announced the launch of their new hospitality solution technology, which will allow travelers to enjoy more of a hands-free experience, which is increasingly becoming an essential part of the future of travel.

Here’s how it works. Certain hotels that have partnered with Google for this technology will provide a Google Nest Hub in each room, so a guest can make service requests, confirm local restaurant and shop hours, request property information, get weather reports, information about local attractions, or even control the lights or blinds in their room with a simple voice command.

Guests can also tailor the guest experience to ask for specific, common service requests. You can do almost anything, from scheduling a wake up call to asking for extra towels. Some hotels will even offer a fast check out using Google Assistant when your stay is over so you don’t have to stand in line (or worry about social distancing). In addition, the hands-free assistant is also a one-stop entertainment center. Guests can access and control YouTube to find news, music, exercise videos, and more. You can even connect your phone via Bluetooth to play your own music, too.

Google hotel tool

For guests who are worried about privacy, they can have peace of mind that their identity is fully protected with this new technology. The Nest Hub has no camera and requires no sign-in in order to use. The microphone can also be physically turned on and off, and no audio is ever stored, according to a statement from Google.

Only a handful of hotels in the U.S. and UK currently have this technology ready to go, but Google plans to announce more partnerships in the near future. Current hotel partnerships include the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, Ariz., Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort in Calistoga, Calif., Gale and Shelborne South Beach in Miami, Fla., Hotel Zena and Viceroy D.C. in Washington, D.C., Village Hotels in the U.K., and Gansevoort Meatpacking and Synergy Chelsea in New York City.

Guests at the Gansevoort Meatpacking hotel will also have access to exclusive “Indulgences” via their Nest Hub. For example, guests can ask for a Soapology bath set and a bottle of prosecco delivered to their door. Completely contact free, of course.

To take advantage of this new technology, simply make a booking at one of the partner hotels of your choice. For more information on what you can do with the Google Nest Hub at your hotel, visit the Google Assistant website.

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