Hotel Room
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

One of the hardest parts of planning a vacation is figuring out what hotel to book. Between researching different neighborhoods in a city to find the best one for your vibe, to making sure you’re sticking to your budget, figuring out where to sleep can be a pain.

But Google just quietly updated a powerful feature to help ease those hotel booking woes.

We’ve all used Google to search for hotels before, but now with a totally revamped Google Hotels site, the tech company has streamlined the process. On arriving at the landing page, travelers can easily put in travel dates and destinations to populate all of the available rooms in that city. You can also easily filter through other standard options like guest ratings and amenities (sadly no hot tub feature, but you can search by properties with a pool) to help make your decision.

One area where Google seems to be changing the game is by releasing a “deals” feature that only shows customers hotels offering discounted rates. While playing around with the feature on a weekend search for hotels in Nashville, the “Deals” included a luxury hotel billed as 20 percent less than usual and a “Great Deal” that was 30 percent off for a pretty run-of-the-mill hotel chain.

By clicking into a property, you can get more information about the hotel and the surrounding area. An integration with Google Maps gives the hotel’s location a rating based on proximity to transit, popular attractions and things to do in the area. This could be helpful when planning a family vacation, where you want to be in the middle of the action, compared to a business trip where tourist attractions aren’t as important. Reviews are pulled in from a handful of sites like Tripadvisor and other booking sites, plus Google, to give plenty of information on each hotel.

Another major change to Google Hotels is that you can book directly within the platform for the majority of hotels. Though you may actually be booking from, Travelocity, or another booking site, Google acts as the middleman for the transaction. Hotels are also offered directly from Google, as well, and users can use Google Pay to book.

Google One members will also be notified within Google Hotels if they’re eligible for hotel discounts that come with the storage subscription service.

And if you’re still unsure where to stay after all of that work, may we recommend a dreamy British castle, an iconic New York City skyscraper, or one of the best hotels to book in 2019?