This Luxury Caribbean Resort Has a Sea Turtle Summer Camp Perfect for Families

It's educational and adorable.

View of Four Seasons Resort Nevis from the water
Photo: Christian Horan/Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Nevis

School's almost out for summer, but that's no reason to stop learning. All you need to do is disguise it as fun to get kids on board. And the Four Seasons Resort Nevis is doing just that.

This summer, the resort invites families and nature lovers alike to experience sea turtle nesting season with its Sea Turtle Summer Camp package. With the package, the hotel explains, "guests can embrace and learn from the world around them: from exploring the marine life, flora, and fauna of Nevis to educational discovery and creative activities designed in partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy."

Family class at Four Seasons Resort Nevis
Ken Seet/Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Nevis

"One of the most fascinating aspects of the Sea Turtle Conservancy's work is ongoing research to study the migratory movements of critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles after they nest in Nevis," David Godfrey, executive director of the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), shared in a statement. "Each year, the partnership between Four Seasons Resort Nevis and the STC aims to educate and create awareness about the protection of these beautiful sea creatures through a joint program that helps researchers study the migration patterns of the endangered species that nest on Nevis' beaches."

As part of the program, the resort is offering a Sea Turtle Summer Camp for guests who stay seven nights or more. The experience includes family-friendly activities like daily marine biology classes and sea turtle-themed arts and crafts experiences, guided nature walks and beach clean-ups, marine-themed dinner and movie nights, family land sports activities, sea turtle-inspired baking classes, and more. Rates for the camp start at $2,000 per night.

A sea turtle at Four Seasons Resort Nevis
Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Guests who book the Sea Turtle Summer Camp package will also receive a Sea Turtle Adoption Kit from the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The kit includes a personalized adoption certificate, a Sea Turtle Conservation Guide, a one-year subscription to the Conservancy's membership publication, and more, all in an adorable sea turtle folder. And, as the icing on top, the Four Seasons Resort Nevis will make a $50 donation per booking to the organization. For reservations, see the hotel's website now.

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