Credit: Max Zerrahn/Getty Images

Housekeepers are truly the unsung heroes of the hotel industry.

The people who work around the clock to keep your hotel room perfectly neat and spotless are probably working one of the hardest jobs in the business. The long hours, manual labor, and sometimes absurd requests these employees deal with day-in and day-out is astounding.

Especially when it comes to these housekeepers who work in Dubai.

As the Daily Mail reported, anonymous workers spoke to "The Hotel Show Dubai," revealing some bizarre anecdotes from their careers at upscale hotels in the United Arab Emirates.

Some of their stories include having to clean £20,000 designer handbags or finding £2,000 accidentally left under a bed by a guest. You can see where this is going.

One housekeeper recalled a guest saying that they were allergic to the floor and demanding that the carpet be changed. In order to help the situation, the housekeeper put down a linen covering in the bedroom while rugs and anti-slip mats were installed in the bathroom.

Another housekeeper actually helped deliver a baby when a pregnant guest went into early labor in her room.

“I was inspecting our rooms when I heard an unusual sound — a lady crying loudly, seeking help. I called a female colleague, and together we entered the room and found that the guest was about to give birth. I called for more assistance — from duty managers to security — and she eventually had a baby girl there in the room,” she said.

A hospitality expert for "The Hotel Show" remarked, “The results go to prove exactly why Dubai’s vast international housekeeping teams are the backbone of the region’s world-leading holiday destination.”