This Hollywood Hotel Has a Friendly Robot Who Will Bring You Champagne on Demand

The high-tech Dream Hollywood also opened its first NFT art exhibit, curated by Crypt Gallery.

Alfred, the Robot at Dream Hotel Hollywood
Photo: Amanda Akiki

Want a glimpse into the future? Just book a stay at Dream Hollywood.

The Los Angeles hotel is already well-known for its modern luxury vibes, but it's now taking things a step further with a robot concierge and an NFT artwork exhibit that will make you feel like you're living in the year 3000.

Dream Hollywood introduced a high-tech robot known as Alfred as part of its "COVID-conscious" design, a hotel spokesperson said in a statement, adding that Alfred has "quickly became an integral part of the Dream team."

The delivery robot, designed by Savioke, was introduced in early 2021 as a way to decrease in-person interactions without sacrificing guest satisfaction.

"Alfred was introduced to the Dream Hotel lobby as a way to ensure that all guests are able to limit interactions so long as the pandemic is present. Alfred roves around the lobby, able and ready to meet guests' needs," reps for the hotel shared in an Instagram post. "Along with Alfred, the Dream Hotel has also adapted their services to include touch-free check-in and in-room technology, allowing guests to limit the amount of interaction with Dream Hotel staff."

The robot wears a dashing tuxedo to match the luxurious feel of the rest of the hotel. Its job is to tend to guests' needs via bottle service, food orders, and other supply needs like toiletries and towels at a moment's notice. When he's not making a delivery, Alfred spends its time charming guests and giving that human-like connection travelers still crave while on a getaway.

Beyond its chic robot, the hotel is adding to its futuristic vibes with its first NFT artwork exhibition. Curated by Crypt Gallery, the gallery is open to the public through the end of November.

The Crypt Gallery at Dream Hollywood
Chris Fulcher

For those unfamiliar, NFTs are "non-fungible tokens" that can be thought of as digital trading cards. An NFT can be bought and sold using cryptocurrency and can end up being worth millions upon millions of dollars.

Visitors can come to see the art and learn about the world of NFTs displayed in the lobby. The exhibition features work from leading artists in the space including Chad Knight, Tillavision, Karson Daily, and Brendan North. If you can't make it to this event, the Dream Downtown in New York City and the Dream Nashville will be displaying similar NFT works throughout the remainder of the year. Book a stay and get a glimpse of what technology can really do to improve our travels.

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