By Melissa Locker
January 11, 2016
cloister entrance

With the final season of Downton Abbey in full-swing, diehard fans will want to head to The Cloister at Sea Island for the Georgia resort’s next (and perhaps final) Downton Abbey-inspired weekend on February 4-6.

This year, guests will be joined by Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan), Mr. Molesley (Kevin Doyle), and the newest Downton footman Andy Parker (Michael Fox). And the festivities will be hosted by Jessica Fellowes, who has written several books on the series and is the niece of none other than Downton creator Julian Fellowes.

William Torrillo
Credit: William Torrillo

To entertain the guests, Alastair Bruce, the show’s historical advisor (and former equerry to HRH Prince Edward), will share stories with guests about how Downton Abbey was made. It’s a subject he knows well after spending the last six years making sure the Grantham’s protocol was period perfect.

Also on-hand will be Downton’s Emmy-nominated costume designer Anna Robbins, who will talk about creating historically accurate outfits for each of the characters over the last two seasons. There will also be a Downton Abbey-themed pub quiz at "The Grantham Arms" hosted by the stars of the show.

But the highlight of the weekend is sure to be a period costume party and cocktail reception followed by a Downton Abbey inspired dinner in the hotel’s ballroom. No word on how many under-butlers will be present during service.

Before guests go, cast members will introduce a screening of an upcoming episode from the show’s final season, followed by an After Party for all, regardless of whether they work upstairs or downstairs.

If you’re the only Downton fan in your family, the Cloisters has plenty of options for keeping the rest of the crowd entertained from golf to tennis, the beach, and the on-site spa. The resort is even dog-friendly, of which Lord Grantham would surely approve.