This Hotel's 'Home Alone' Package Is the Ultimate Holiday Offering

The Deer Path Inn's "Home Alone" package includes pizza and plenty of movie screening time.

Lost in Lake Forest Suite Experience at the Deer Path Inn
Photo: Courtesy of Deer Path Inn

If your deepest desire is to make your family disappear this holiday season, one Chicago-area hotel will make your wish come true.

The Deer Path Inn, a boutique hotel located in the Chicago suburb of Lake Forest, Illinois, is offering a holiday package inspired by Kevin McAllister's escapades in "Home Alone." (Minus the whole home intruders part.)

Lost in Lake Forest Suite Experience at the Deer Path Inn
Courtesy of Deer Path Inn

The hotel's "Lost in Lake Forest Suite Experience" opens up its Cornwall Suite for the ultimate kid fantasy holiday experience — complete with candy, pizza, and a movie screening.

When guests check in, they can immediately change into their Deer Path Inn bathrobes (which they can later take home as souvenirs). And for those who aspire to mirror Kevin's diet in the film, the hotel will provide. The hotel will greet guests with a gift box of specialty treats from a local candy shop to get the sugar rush going ASAP. And, room service will provide elevated versions of childhood treats like gourmet popcorn and boozy milkshakes (you don't even have to leave your bed to feast).

The package also includes an in-room screening of "Home Alone" and a delivery of homemade pizza. Seriously, you might not ever want to leave the suite — it comes packed with elegant features like a fireplace and an all-stone bathroom (with freestanding tub) that may be even nicer than the McAllister's house.

But, when the time to leave the hotel eventually comes, the package also includes gift cards to local boutiques, like the Lake Forest Bookstore, and complimentary round-trip Range Rover transportation to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden's Lightscape annual event.

The package is available to book from Nov. 26 through Jan. 2, 2022. In order to make a reservation, call the inn directly and ask for the "Lost in Lake Forest Suite Experience." And be sure to tell the receptionist to keep the change. Whether or not you tack on "you filthy animal" is up to you.

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