This Luxury Amalfi Coast Hotel Invites Guests to Create the Perfect Pair of Designer Sunglasses

At Hotel Poseidon in Positano, Italy, you can now take home a rare, designer amenity.

Sunglasses on the Hotel Poseidon car in Positano
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Poseidon

From umbrella-dotted beaches to idyllic, bluff-hugging towns, there are plenty of reasons why the Amalfi Coast has become a beloved vacation spot. One of the area's most popular destinations is Positano, thanks to its numerous dining options and captivating kaleidoscope of colorful buildings. And while you're out shopping for local goods, like beautifully painted ceramics to bring back home, there's now one more item to add to your list: sunglasses.

You'll undoubtedly have several shades packed for your sun-filled trip, but there's something extra special about purchasing a fashionable souvenir that can be used while traveling. With that in mind, Hotel Poseidon in Positano has created a program that allows guests to create their own sunnies with a well-known designer.

Il Tridente at Hotel Poseidon overlooking Positano
Courtesy of Hotel Poseidon
The superior suite living room at Hotel Poseidon overlooking Positano
Courtesy of Hotel Poseidon

Hotel Poseidon guests will have the chance to sit down with Crescenzo Parlato, the owner of Creo Positano Glasses, and learn about the atelier's history and the 12-piece collection he created for the family-owned hotel. Each pair in the collection varies in style, from round to retro-inspired square frames, and features colors like green, blue, and pink — hues that can be found in many of the property's 50 rooms — while some even display a floral pattern on the arm, mimicking the tilework at Hotel Poseidon. Once you've selected the frames that best suit your style, Parlato will craft them right in front of your eyes.

Sunglasses on a terrace table at Hotel Poseidon overlooking Positano
Courtesy of Hotel Poseidon

Make good use of your new pair of shades at Hotel Poseidon's pool and while dining on the terrace of Il Tridente Restaurant, or don them as you take the property's 1970s convertible Volkswagen Beetle out for a spin. No matter where you decide to wear your new sunglasses, you'll always have a piece of Positano with you.

The sunglasses-crafting experience costs €350, including the pair of sunglasses to take home. For more information, email

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