The passes go on sale Monday.

By Cailey Rizzo
June 14, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Hotels

A hotel chain with locations in some of America’s best-known college towns is offering an “all you can stay” deal this summer. It’s the perfect excuse to take a vacation — and maybe learn something along the way.

The Graduate Hall Pass costs $400, and will allow travelers to spend an entire month on the road, staying in trendy hotels along the way. Graduate is a design-forward hotel chain launched in 2014, with locations near some of America’s best-known college campuses. The chain is marketing the pass as the perfect summer option for road-trippers, staycations and summer weekends out of town.

Credit: Courtesy of Graduate Hotels

The Hall Pass is valid from July 15 through August 15. There’s a limit of five consecutive nights per location (and 10 nights in total per location), but with 15 locations participating, you shouldn’t run out of options. Participating hotels are spread across the country, from Seattle, Washington to Richmond, Virginia.

The pass only includes room rates, taxes and fees for the stays. (Things like food and drink are not included.) The pass only works on entry-level hotel rooms, so if the hotel is sold out that night, you’re out of luck. Stays must be booked at least three nights in advance and are only valid for the hall pass holder.

There is a limited number of passes available, so mark your calendars. The Graduate Hall Passes will go on sale Monday, June 17 at noon Central Standard Time. And, if we were to bet on it, they’re likely to sell out quickly.

Participating locations include:

  • Graduate Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Graduate Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Graduate Bloomington, Indiana
  • Graduate Iowa City, Iowa
  • Graduate Madison, Wisconsin
  • Graduate Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Graduate Providence (formerly the Providence Biltmore), Rhode Island
  • Graduate Athens, Georgia
  • Graduate Tempe, Arizona
  • Graduate Berkeley, California
  • Graduate Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Graduate Richmond, Virginia
  • Graduate Seattle, Washington
  • Graduate Oxford, Mississippi
  • Graduate Eugene, Oregon