This Charleston Hotel Makes You Feel Like You're Sleeping in a Contemporary Art Museum

You've never seen a hotel like this.

The Vendue in Charleston, South Carolina is here to make everyone a little more cultured.

The boutique hotel located in the French Quarter sits amongst dozens of art galleries and is itself made up of multiple historic warehouses dating back to 1780 and the 1800s. It also happens to be Charleston's first and only hotel dedicated to the arts.

art gallery in The Vendue
Courtesy of The Vendue

Inside the hotel, guests will find more than 300 pieces of original art, each hand-picked by its full-time curators, including contemporary art from around the globe, which blends seamlessly with the historic and traditional architecture of the town. Guests will also find works by the hotel's artist-in-residence, Fred Jamar.

"Originally from Southern Belgium, I decided to move to Charleston in 1997 because to me it feels the most European of American cities and it provides unlimited inspiration," Jamar shared with Travel + Leisure. "Lately, my work has been dominated by Charleston cityscapes, capturing the overall feeling of the city with its historic architecture. Using the working studio at The Vendue allows me to create art that is inspired by the city from a place that is historically Charleston. As a person that has lived all around the world, it has been incredible to find a home in Charleston, and being the artist in residence at The Vendue has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with the many visitors as I share my passion for painting."

The Vendue hotel
Courtesy of The Vendue

Both guests of the property and those staying elsewhere in town are welcome to take one of its daily art tours offered throughout the property or join one of its public opening receptions. Because, as the hotel explains, "It's not just a hotel with art, but an art gallery where you can stay the night."

The Vendue room
Courtesy of The Vendue

But really, staying the night is well worth it, too. Each of the hotel's 84 rooms are completely unique, meaning you can have a totally different stay every time you visit. The art within The Vendue is also constantly switched up and moved around as well to maximize the visually stimulating environment. Love a piece hanging on the wall? You can go ahead and take it home with you, as all the artwork on the property is available to purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a stay, head to Charleston, and get just a little bit more cultured over a weekend stay.

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