By Melissa Locker
July 27, 2016
Credit: Castelul de Lut

Castelul de Lut, or the “Clay Castle,” is straight out of a fairytale.

Despite being called a castle, the hotel looks more like a witch's cottage (hey Hansel, hey Gretel) than somewhere Sleeping Beauty would call home.

The thatched roofs, crooked doors, and curvaceous plaster walls are made of entirely organic materials like clay, straw, sand, and wood. And while organic is a very modern trend, the hotel is a throwback to days of old.

Credit: Castelul de Lut

Castelul de Lut is the project of Gabi and Razvan Vasile, a couple who sold their home near Bucharest to build the property in a remote corner of Romania, some 24 miles from the medieval city of Sibiu, according to the BBC.

They teamed up with eco-architect Ileana Mavrodin to design the ten-room hotel, which will be heated solely by traditional wood-burning fires and will have eventually have a restaurant using only locally-grown organic food.

Credit: Castelul de Lut

The hotel is about a year away from opening, but it already has a following. You can join 25,000 other fans on Castelul de Lut's Facebook page to get updates. A restaurant on the property is scheduled to open this fall for those eager to get a sneak peek.

If you do plan a visit to Castelul de Lut, be sure to visit another storybook location located nearby—Dracula’s castle.