By Erika Owen
August 02, 2016
Credit: Atelier​ für Sonderaufgaben

The same duo that created the stunning and unique open-air hotel among the mountains of Switzerland has another, completely different experience for adventurous hotel-goers: an overnight in an old nuclear bunker.

Located in the city of St. Gallen, Switzerland, the Null Stern Hotel is hidden behind a bomb-proof door. The entire space is small, containing six single beds and four doubles to accommodate 14 people.

Prices start around $30 for a bed.

Credit: Atelier​ für Sonderaufgaben

At one point in time, Switzerland government demanded that each city have a bomb-proof shelter for locals. Once the threat passed, many of the shelters were left to gather dust. The Null Stern hotel started off as an art project by brothers Patrik and Frank Riklin, but the pair decided to open it to the public back in 2008. They teamed up with Daniel Charbonnier (right) and his wife Samira Singhvi-Charbonnier to bring it to life.

Credit: Atelier​ für Sonderaufgaben

Null Stern offers guests hot water bottles and slippers to combat the hotel's frigid nights.

If sleeping in a bunker sounds interesting, you can book a bed through the hotel's website.

Credit: Atelier​ für Sonderaufgaben

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