This Northern California Hotel Will Fill Your Room With Fresh Flowers and Houseplants — That You Can Take Home

It's the ultimate souvenir.

h2hotel room full of plants and natural light
Photo: Courtesy of h2hotel

Making a hotel feel like home is no easy feat, but h2hotel, a sustainably focused stay located just off the historic town plaza in Healdsburg, California, has relaunched its "Living Room" styling amenity to make it feel like your very own spot.

The amenity offers guests the opportunity to have their suite decorated with plants from Dragonfly Floral, a Healdsburg-based organic flower farm and full-service florist, to make it feel as cozy as possible (and smell amazing, for that matter).

"Eco-friendly elements can be found wherever you look in h2hotel, so we are excited to give guests the opportunity to create a lush home away from home that emphasizes the environmental impact our efforts work toward," Circe Sher, co-founder of Piazza Hospitality, which owns h2hotel, shared in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure. "Dragonfly Floral has a wonderful selection of plants that will add a refreshing layer of fun to a stay in one of our rooms."

h2hotel room full of plants and natural light
Courtesy of h2hotel

But wait, there's more. Guests not ready to part with their new foliage friends can take home one houseplant and its container, and purchase additional plants from the collection.

And it's not just the rooms that are truly green. As a spokesperson for the hotel shared in a statement, it's also the first property in Sonoma County to earn LEED Gold certification. That's thanks to elements like the hotel's undulating "green roof" that filters rainwater, EV charging stations, sustainable bamboo flooring, and commitment to sourcing local produce for its restaurant Spoonbar.

The hotel is also particularly interested in preserving the spaces around the hotel as well. This includes its work in soil rejuvenation, its erosion-control plan, and its commitment to leaving 60 percent of its land open to help promote biodiversity.

Guests of the hotel can also take the short walk over to Dragonfly Floral to see its sustainable growth efforts. There, guests can stop and smell its collection of more than 1,500 roses, spot the various wildlife living on the farm, and be reminded of just how much these spaces are worth preserving forever.

For more information on h2hotel and to book the "Living Room" styling amenity, which starts at $150, visit the hotel's website here.

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