Boa Constrictor
Credit: Jim Zuckerman/Getty Images

Hotel housekeeping puts up with a lot.

Generally, though, it’s limited to messy guests and small critters. But housekeeping at the Rodeway Inn in lAsheville, North Carolina, found a terrifying surprise when changing the sheets of a bed on Monday afternoon.

A staff member removed the bed’s comforter and discovered a five-foot-long boa constrictor beneath the sheets. They immediately called animal control who transferred them to 911.

The snake was taken to the local animal shelter until its owner, Neil Miller showed up a few hours later to claim him, according to Asheville Police.

Miller’s snake is a three-year-old Colombian red tail boa constrictor named Chuck.

Miller was at the Rodeway Inn visiting a guest and placed Chuck down. He managed to leave the hotel, completely forgetting about the fact that he left a five-foot-long boa constrictor behind.

“I set him down for two minutes and forgot about him, walked out,” Miller told local ABC news affiliate WLOS.

But a few hours later, he was reunited with his “son” at the local animal shelter. Miller said that Chuck has a “cool” temperament and is fine to be around people. “I’m so happy to have my boy back on my shoulders,” he said at the animal shelter.

Asheville police said that there were no injuries and no charges filed.