How This Baltimore Hotel Is Helping Small Businesses, First Responders During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Video)

Hotel Revival is offering free stays or discounted rates to emergency workers as well hosting take-out space for shuttered restaurants.

A historic hotel in Baltimore has opened its doors as a community resource and anchor during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Hotel Revival, a 107-room hotel in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, has ramped up its community outreach, offering free rooms, rent-free spaces for local food suppliers and bagged lunches for medical staff.

Police officers, firefighters and military personnel can check in for free stays at the hotels. Rooms are also being offered to doctors and nurses at a discounted rate.

There are more than 4,300 COVID-19 cases in Maryland, including at least 459 in Baltimore, according to data from the state health department. There is a stay-at-home order in effect throughout the state.

And as spaces that are typically occupied by guests remain empty, the hotel has transformed into a launching pad for struggling small businesses. The hotel’s first-floor restaurant opened a “Pop-Up & Pick-Up” space for small food businesses without a brick-and-mortar location. Those businesses can prepare food in the restaurant, where customers can later pick it up. Since announcing the program, more than 20 small food businesses have applied for space. The space is available for free.

"It is our obligation to do what we can to make a difference," Donte Johnson, the hotel’s general manager, said in a statement. "The community has supported our business in times of triumph, and we want to be there for them in times of turmoil."

restaurant insdie Hotel Revival Baltimore
Courtesy of Hyatt/Hotel Revival Baltimore

The hotel is also a gathering place for people assembling and collecting care for the community. Hotel Revival began distributing free bagged lunches to the community at large.

The hotel’s restaurant, Topside, worked in partnership with Coastal Sunbelt Produce to assemble and give away more than 500 healthy bagged lunches on the street. They are also assembling care packages, with supplies and fresh produce, for people who have been laid off from their jobs in the hospitality industry.

"We want to care for first responders, healthcare professionals, small businesses, and those who've been impacted by these hard times, as we are all in this together," Johnson said in a statement. "It's our goal to emerge with strength on the other side of this crisis – and to support our community along the way."

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