By Jenna Scatena
September 10, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Axiom

In the last few years, downtown San Francisco has seen a steady rise of new, mid-range, chic hotels catering to young wired travelers. First, it was Viceroy’s Hotel Zetta in the SoMa area, then came Hotel G less than half a mile away.

Now the newest, the Axiom Hotel, just announced it’s taking reservations for stays beginning January 2016. Guests can book a room at this new property, which is poised at the intersection of San Francisco’s classic, old-school style of Union Square and the city’s modern tech culture on Market Street.

New York-based design firm Stonehill & Taylor transformed the interiors of the former Powell Hotel, which were looking dated, and brought them into the modern era. All152 guestrooms have been updated and feature urban sentiments like exposed pipe ceilings and lighting fixed on cables.

Credit: Courtesy of Axiom

The hotel’s location in proximity to many of the city’s thriving startups is a godsend for young, connected business travelers. Axiom has incorporated plenty of tech-forward amenities throughout the hotel, including a mezzanine, nicknamed Cloud, that’s tricked out with nostalgic arcade games, and meeting spaces that can easily be divided into two areas called Hub 1 and Hub 2.

Art is also a prominent feature throughout the turn-of-the-century building, some depicting glitch art—intentional technological glitches laid over historic photography. Even room names (nano, meta) give a nod to San Francisco’s wired life. Check in, tune in, and turn on from the second you arrive.

Jenna Scatena is on the San Francisco Bay Area beat for Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.