By Erika Owen
July 26, 2016
Bloomberg / Contributor

If Greece-based firm Lamda Development had its way, it will transform the 15-years-abandoned Ellinikon International Airport into an entire coastal vacation town.

But the once-bustling travel hub is more often described as “incredibly creepy” than it is with words you'd typically pair with a sleepy seaside destination.

Nothing is set in stone: Lamda has only submitted a plan and is currently waiting for approval. And the estimated cost of the overhaul is almost $8 billion.

The plan includes building a road system, 8,000 homes, several hotels, a 500-acre park, and more.

And there's a major obstacle to the plan beyond the price tag: The airport currently houses more than 3,000 migrants and refugees who have fled the Middle East and Asia. Were the plan to become reality, they would be moved to other housing sites around Greece.

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