This Salt Lake City Hotel Will Let You Research Your Family's History for Free With Ancestry (Video)

Your next hotel stay could help you discover your own family history — right from your room.

Kimpton's Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City has teamed up with to offer guests free access to the Ancestry’s expansive online family history resources.

In order to find a little more information about your own heritage, book a stay at the Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City and access the hotel’s WiFi once you arrive. From there, you can visit the hotel’s website to take a look at over billions of records to learn a little more information about yourself and your ancestors.

"Partnering with Ancestry directly aligns with our mission to further connect with our guests on an authentic and personal level,” said Jared Tomlinson, director of sales and marketing, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City, in a statement. “We feel this is a natural relationship given the growing trend of travelers visiting the genealogy capital of the world to explore their family lineage.”

Courtesy of Kimpton Monaco Salt Lake City

Once you get started, who knows what fascinating information you might find. Ancestry has over 20 billion records, including birth, marriage, death, and census documents detailing occupations, ages, siblings, birthplaces, addresses, and even maiden names. An Ancestry subscription can cost anywhere from $20-$45 per month, so you’re not only accessing knowledge about your past but also getting a great discount.

“At Ancestry, we empower journeys of personal discovery to enrich lives and partnering with Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City, is a great way to enrich the lives of those visiting our own back yard,” said a spokesperson for Ancestry in a statement. “Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City and Ancestry share the mutual hope that guests will take full advantage of their stay and be inspired to learn more about their family history during their trip and even when they return home.”

It's worth noting that the educational amenity will only work while staying in the range of the Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City’s WiFi since its IP address is recognized by to allow for free access.

Not only is helping travelers discover their heritage in all parts of the world, people have also opted to DNA kits like 23AndMe to help them unearth their own family histories. Who knows, depending on what you find, you may discover a new relative, a new story, or get some inspiration to visit a place that’s linked to your family’s lineage.

And for those looking to see their family history beyond their own homes or a computer screen, exploratory options thanks to the uprise of heritage travel can anyone trace their roots in real life.

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